The “Cube”

Ask me what I did this Friday! Alright fine, don’t ask me, I’ll just tell you: I saw the second Hunger Games movie; Catching Fire! Why am I telling you this? Simple: because believe it or not, I would not have seen it earlier had I been in Montreal!

I have to say that I was pretty discouraged when I first arrived to Gaspe and the movie that was playing; I had already seen something like a month prior…

Now let me tell you about some of the perks when it comes to seeing and opening movie in Gaspe: (please note that I saw it in English, the French showing seemed to have a better turnout)

  • You only have to get there 25 minutes in advances
  • You can easily choose where you want to sit
  • Minimal advertising before the movie
  • The seats beside you are empty

And to top it all off, the concession stand sells “nerd ropes”. Seriously, the person that invented “nerd ropes” is a genius, and the Cube is a genius for making them available to the public!

All of this to say lookout for the next big feature coming soon to the “Cube” near you!


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