Childhood memories: Carleton

So I have this great aunt that lives in Carleton which is why, since before I can remember, my family and I spent a week there each summer. I have quite a few fond memories of that place. Although I have to say, the one that trumps them all is the time I could spend on the “zip lining” module they have in their kiddy park. Ah! What a rush! It was great: you would start at one end, run as fast as you possibly could, and lift your feet in order to make it all the way to the other end, hanging on only by your arms. Such a simple game and yet, so fun!

Anyways, all of that to tell you that I was quite let-down last time I went to Carleton because well, believe it or not, I am WAY too big for that game now! No more “zip lining” for me…

Luckily, there are lots of alternative for the slightly older than kiddy age crowd. For instance last year I was there on St-Patrick’s day and ended up going out to the bar called “Les Naufrageurs”. It was great! They had an entertaining live band and a variety of tasteful beers.

In fact, I seem to always be in Carleton at the right time because last year, I went down to visit my aunt a little before Halloween and ended up catching most of the Festival they call “La Viree”. Live music, epic story tellers, and an awesome public market, what more can one ask for? I got most of my Christmas gifts there! A whole weekend dipped in culture.

Considering I use to go to Carleton on vacation during my childhood, I still have so many things to discover! Can’t wait to see what I will land on next? Please feel free to share your ideas; I am most definitely open to suggestions!



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